Sitting through your child’s homework can be like sitting through High School all over again.  You don’t need to try to remember your high school chemistry; we’ll do it for you.  You have too many other things you can be doing.

Affordable tutoring in Austin, TX for elementary, middle school, and high school science subjects as well as beginning Arabic.



Molly is the owner and founder of 5Tutors, and specializes in Chemistry, Biology, and Entomology, as well as Norwegian. After she graduated in May 2011 from the University of Texas at Austin, she taught high school science in the Austin, TX community before “retiring” to have a baby. She now has her energy back and is ready to serve the students here in a different capacity than full time teaching.



Tom graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Arabic Language and Literature, minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. He lived in Egypt for a year after graduating while he continued his Arabic studies. He specializes in teaching beginning Arabic.